A life without headphones in the key of jazz


I’m eavesdropping on an interview at Starbucks. There is a man interviewing a woman for what appears to be either a barista position or a managerial position. the girl is discussing past experiences in waitressing and coffee. I believe his question was: “tell me about a time when…..difficulty….” So I’ve been listening for a while, cuz I mean we’ve all heard that interview question and have had to answer it at some point in time. But while giving her answer, the man actually said, “no, no, no, don’t say that.” Maybe he’s just helping her gear up for an interview with management higher up. When I was in college I was nominated for a pretty top-dog scholarship. when my nomination was released I was approached by at least 3 teachers with “suggestions” on how to handle the questions that would be thrown at me during the interviewing process. Anyway, I hope that I am never in the position to interview at starbucks unless I am absolutlely necessary (re: midlife crisis has led me to abandon my “perfect” career for something different…way different.)

Teaching is the only job that I can think of that is more stress then retail. Expecially food service retail. At your absolute worst at least you can throw in a movie. Not me of course. I just gave my freshman a 3-part final that was worth 230 points, and really really should of had them crying. Of course the fucking kid who didn’t turn in anywork all semester got the highest grade on both his essay, his grammar, and I suspect, his reading. I would fucking love this kid if I didn’t hate him so much. We haven’t had it out in about 2.5 months because really, he’s been absent alot, and when he’s there I can sometimes get him back on course. Tomorrow is the period 2 final (90 minutes of free time in which I ensure that I will not be fucked by administration) and the period 5 final where they are writing the final drafts to their second 5 paragraph essay in the last month. I work them till they break. I’m at the Tsarbucks because I need to write a rubric, a pre-final, and another rubric. I would get on it…if i cared enough. oh Americano, how i love thee.

i came up with this engenious idea! I think ya’ll should nominate me for that show What Not To Wear. Granted, they’re not going to be in LA anytime, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying to get me to be at my fashion best! You can tell them that you have this great friend who is a Special ED high school teacher in inner city Los Angeles (cuz we’re really trying to exploit all those “heart strings” and angles that make people look at me in that patronizing manner and say “wow, you must have such a rewarding and fulfilling job.” Excuse me, have you read my blog lately? Stop saying such stupid crap and pass me my beer. I kid, I kid. I love it. Just, you know, don’t talk to me about how “rewarding” my job is unless you plan on coming to teach my class so that I can go on vacation. Its not rewarding…its kick ass. There’s a difference. (re: This shit sucks sometimes, but you couldn’t pay me to do your job…you work with adults.) ANYWAY, you could also mention how in my effort to embrace a classic look, I have relegated myself to a life of solid colored cotton and denim. tell them that I am completely blind to the ways in which I could accentuate my height and curvyness. But explicitly note that though I definitely need some style guidance, I also want to be comfortable and warm (the AC can be brutal at time, as can a winter without heat….awwwww, LAUSD, how I love you.) So get on it folks. Its all in your hands. Once I get on the show I will totally erase this blog. Thanks!


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  1. Erase this blog? Then I ain’t doing “squat”.

    I applaude the work you do, especially with kids who can do the work, but for whatever reason are absent because of their home life.

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