Life Coach


Oh, I’m so on a role…or is it a roll? Can we talk about finances for a second:

Car Maturity Date: November 16, 2008
Credit Card Debt: MAXED OUT!
Bills with cable and cell: appox. $200
Student Loan payments: fuck you national clearing house, fuck you.
rent: 785

Now fast forward five years to when I will quit my job and go to school psychology school fulltime- which will require me to: a) save as much as I can in the next five years; b)quit my job; c) take out a student loan to cover the cost of my education and my “room and board.” I really don’t want to get a roommate, unless they kick ass. but, um, yeah…that means no cable, and a lot of beans…kinda like now. But I did have salad tonight. 2 bowls of salad. and ice cream. (today was party day and I’ve consumed alot of rice and beans). Okay, I gotta stop with the beans, but they are sooooo good.

So here is the grand plan to tackle life:
*Credit Card debt: pay $150/month for 24 months then pay $300/month for 36 months (which will put me way over what it would take to get me to a zero balance)
*Cable: cancelled (in like 36 months)
*Student Loans: With the APLE I can cut out 20k; with regular payments I will be further in towards my maturity date (which is 25 years from now).
*Rent: can’t do anything about that, especially since I would pay as much to live with a roommate as i could to live by myself (as long as I’m willing to live in a single…which I am).
*Cellphone/and Bills: a necessary evil!

I shouldn’t feel so cavalier about taking out money for my education…but its the best investment I can make in myself. That, and weekends in Sin City, relaxing weekends with the girls, and musical electronics.


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  1. Glad to know you like beans, but I pity the people around you after you’ve consumed a couple of bushels. ;P

    Taking out money for an education is a great investment, and it sounds like you’ve got your credit cards figured out. I will debate the cell phone thing though. I had a landline phone for 2 years with an answering machine and it suited it’s purpose. I do have a cell now, but I can say it’s a nice luxury. Oh, to cut down on rent, can’t you just live in a box?

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