Why I do not take public transit in Los Angeles. Shalimar, or anyone who has lived in a city with bus transit, will recognize this type of double length bus. I have never seen one have difficulty making a turn before. this was quite unfortunate being that it occured at Hollywood Blvd and Vermont….a very busy intersection. I couldn’t make my left turn until i got the protected green arrow because there was no way i was going to risk being hit.

I am really tired. Really tired. I haven’t been able to sleep properly these last few days. I think its a combination of anxiety and my excercise routine. My body is used to exercising at night, especially if i have alot of things on my mind. I’ve been so busy these last three days that working out at night hasn’t been possible. I’m hoping to squeeze it in tonight. I’ve been able to be quite efficient these last two days. I only have one more final to write, and one more rubric to write and I will be done. I gave my students a reading diagnostic, but I fear that they rushed through it sooooo quickly in an effort to get it done that they didn’t take the time to actually do it correctly. I didn’t even bother to waste my time grading the diagnostic. I’m glad the semester is coming to a close though I did put my name on a list for our clerk to call me if they need a substitute. They have a list of permanent subs—who happen to be the worst subs i’ve ever experienced—but i’m pretty sure that we always need more then that 5-8 subs. I have jury the duty the first week of november so I’ll have a short break.

Its just been an interesting day of recognizing relationships that I need to maintain for the sake of positive and effective politicking at work. Knowing who to trust and who not to trust is a huge thing, especially when it comes to money or advancing or getting what I want. things are working out well so far because I have a good group of people on my side, but I need to keep it that way. I also need to write my final.


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  1. If you’re feeling really tired as in constant fatigue, it’s a sign of over training and not enough rest to allow your body to recover from your workouts.

    Funny how office politics can really be an influence. I recommend reading a book called “The Peter Principle”, it’s an insiteful bit of work about office politics.

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