Legal Disclaimer: the following comments do not necessarily reflect the rational, educated opinion of the blogger. They are simply are a reflection of the nostalgic state of the blogger, which may constitute in a court of law as passion, insanity, or psychotic.

Hey! Remember when we all used to listen to P. Diddy like he was going out of style? Actually, remember when he was Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Puffy/P.Diddy/Diddy? remember when he did that song “Satisfy you” with R. Kelly, and we all dug it, like “Whoa!”? Remember when we didn’t know the inner workings of what gets R. Kelly off? I especially remember the internal conflict of knowing he was seriously sexualy deviant (and just legally retarded- who tapes that shit?…funniest thing that wikipedia had to say about this: “one comedian named Earthquake said ‘If pissing on people is an act of self-defense then what the f___ is violence?’) but really really wanting to dance to “Ignition (remix)”? Remember the drama before the drama that was “Trapped in the Closet”? You know, that whole bit with the Isley brothers back in the day, “DownLow (nobody has to know)” or fucking “contagious”? ONE WORD: SPACE JAM! Ha! Does anyone remember Sparkle…R. Kelly’s protege (re: bitch), who was alledgely the aunt of the 14 year old that got video taped? Does anyone remember Jodeci–who introduced most of us to the term “feenin”? Which makes me wonder if anyone remembers “Cry for You“? Or the B.I.G collobration on “I’m fucking you tonight”—Its like a public service annoucement to all the single ladies that oh, he was gonna get some. I used to want my wedding some to be “Love U 4 Life”—the 90’s were a simplier time when eternal devotion could be expressed through short hand, pager codes, and emoticons. [sidebar: For some reason last night I think I actually sang part of the lyrics to “Forever my lady” and hopefully didn’t spill a drink or insult anyone. I also reawoken my fear of riding bikes in the street…ah.] Remember when they had Freaknik in Atlanta, when all the young youth/Greek system descended on to Atlanta for some major fun, which was really the tip of the iceberg about why the fuck I needed to get out Seattle and a place where there was sun, fun, and Morehouse boys (how I only made it as far as los Angeles, I don’t know. it might have to due with humidity, bugs, and just being able to get a job, but did you look at those guys…I’m so fucking out!). I remember desperately wanting to attend Spelman, but then kinda having a really hard time senior year, and really was just unable to handle moving across the country. I also wanted to go to NYU, Columbia, BU, and Sarah Lawrence. Never once did I ever dream of moving to Los Angeles…now I don’t think I really want to leave southern california, though I know I really can’t afford to fucking stay. I like my life here. i just went down a spiraling rollercoaster of nostalgia, but as soon as I remembered those other cities I wanted to visit, it all just came to a slow stop. I wonder why. i think I am sooo making a mix CD. And how much do i love the folks at wikipedia (the general internet having-knowledgeful public) who keep this shit up to date.


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  1. Nice. It sounds like you left California to go down memory lane, but after recalling and musing your nostalgic items I’d have to say you’re, …going back to cali, to cali, to cali..,”

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