puttin’ the "bauch" back into debaucher


This is the first time i’ve been home since 6:45AM yesterday. Its abouty 2:30 pm right now. Even though I was done with work yesterday around 8:30, 9 at the latest, I stuck around campus for lunch, and then had a senior event at 2. So I actually didn’t leave work until around 4:30. Then I headed into Silverlake for what was supposed to be a few drinks and snacks, but turned into a night of insanity. my friend carrie lives in the most amazing house in silverlake, its actually a duplex, but still amazing. about 8 of us got together for drinks, dance, dinner, and debauchery. You know how everyone has their work persona and their not work persona…well, there was a lot of just letting it all hang out. At one point we were all playing different musical instruments while one of us rolled around the floor screaming “fuck you” in to the microphone. Wasn’t me..i was too busy rolling around the floor laughing. Two women who have moved on to better positions in the school district came and partied with us. It was good to get out and socialize. I don’t think I’ve drank so much in such a short period of time…not even in vegas. In about 6 hours I have to head to a halloween party, where I will try not drink nearly as much as i did last night. because tonight I’m not so sure if I’ll have a couch to completely pass out on. if my break keeps going like this, I think i will have a pretty kick ass time. I’m gonna make some extra money working for the company that distributes our senior packages and crap like that. This definitely eases my financial burden. i’m working wednesday and thursday night, and hopefully a few days a week until i leave for christmas. Thank God! i’ll leave you with this picture to commemorate a night of fun.


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