The Haps


Its been a while since I’ve seen a Valtrex commercial. You know the one I’m talking about, where a montage of people state that they have genital herpes. In medical language I very much like how they stress personal responsiblity helps to prevent the spread of herpes: not having unprotected sex, not having sex when one thinks they may be having a break out…basics. This all relies on basic human common sense, which can be lacking at times. Which is why this would never work. Abstinence only lifestlye rarely works for teenagers, and it surely won’t work for adults…unless one managed to escape their teens–and subsequent college years–with their virginity intact. My friend asked me if I would ever date a guy who was committed to being abstinent until his mid 30’s. Like he’s perfect in every single way, what ever the hell that means, but he’s just committed to an abstinent lifestyle. First gut response, “No” and then I asked, “I mean, how are we really defining abstinence here…..wait, NO.” But let us revisit two blog entries that serve two different purposes. One in whic we learn that teenagers often do lie about the fact that they are virgins, and the other in which I reflect on some stupid bitch who lacked the common sense to make contraceptions apart of her life because of her fear of STDs…only to contract several STDs…because she didn’t use condoms. Common sense is how evolution takes care of who will live and who will die. Like, I understand how people contract STDs….its like hwo sometimes you forget to look both ways before crossing the street, and are just this close to getting hit by a car…Wait, am I the only one that happens to? Okay, never mind. But the girl in the article is an idiot and really just kinda gave herself those STDs. I particularly like New Girl’s comment in which she wishes crabs eat that girl alive. Ha!

Anyway, I realized this afternoon two things: a) if i don’t start not coming home and napping my weight will consistently climb, and b) at any given moment I am just this close to getting into a car accident. After homecoming this Saturday, to which I will drive very, very, very carefully, I am going to combat both problems and start taking the metro places.


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  1. You should meet Sandra and me at the gym. We go MWF after school. It’s a great buddy system and she knows how to use the weights!

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