Um…so this whole Haggard thing is getting real, real funny. Especially the part where the Reverend admits to buying crystal meth, but throwing it away. And then admits to being referred to the male prostitute for a massage….You know how I know you’re gay? You went to a male prostitute for a massage…in a hotel room. then you bought drugs from him. That’s how I know you’re gay…and you’re lying. Things people don’t do unless they’ve solicited an individual for sex: get massages in hotel rooms after buying drugs. Those are also things people don’t do if they’ve ever even seen a second of Cops or Miami Vice. Like, no matter how bad my back hurt, or how stressed out I was, I highly doubt I would let my fiance rub my back in a hotel room after a dinner I paid for. It all sounds too much like prostitution.

You gotta see the CNN video on this whole mess. the funniest part is when the male prostitute says, “I don’t know why the polygraph test said I failed the question ‘did you have sex with haggard’…maybe i was just tired.” HILARIOUS.

what is up with that new christian bale movie? sometimes when he plays a nazi-ish ass (shaft) or a thug (Hard times) he’s really believable…and I don’t like it. Still totally wouldn’t mind being his girl, though.


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  1. Haggard is as gay as Liberace’s wardrobe. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. As for the male prostitute who flunked the polygraph test, no big deal. Polygraphs ARE NOT accurate indicators, if they were they’d be admissible in court as evidence, and so far they’re not because they’re too easy to fool. I kid you not, but if you want more info, both scientific and personal about polygraphs, email me and I’ll give you the dirt.

    As for Christian Bale, I can’t help but like the guy. He does a good Batman, and I remember seeing him in the movie “Empire of the Sun” and your future boyfriend was already acting incredibly as a boy. The man’s got talent, just watch “The Prestige”.

    And if you need a laugh, PLEASE go see Borat.