Was the first sound i made when I saw this. For those of you without internet access that will allow you to open the hotlink, its the TMZ exclusive on Britney Spears filing for divorce. That’s right folks. All I can say is this: someone should have listened to Jennifer Lopez when she had the chance. Not like we all didn’t see this coming. I’m pretty sure her mother is so relieved right now…

Oh, and as for her revamped body? It doesn’t compare to her wretched hair! Oh, I’m not impressed. Really, if we’re gonna start viewing each other under the same microscope that we view the rest of hollywood, then really…she’s no heidi klum. of course, really, she’s no heidi klum. And she’s got trainers, so what did we all expect? I know, I know, not that…yeah, she looks good for a post pregnant woman who enhales carmel frappoccino’s like their air. Goodness.

Maybe someone showed her the DATELINE Video…but no, cuz she still has those fake eyelashes.


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  1. There are men around the world rejoicing that Britney is now single and available. I am not one of them.

  2. Oh no, I’m trapped in the show Tye Diggs is on where it’s yesterday all over again! Waitaminute, it’s not wednesday again, you just haven’t posted. Whew, what a relief. Now get to work slacker!