Veteran’s Day


i can never sleep much past 7:30am…even on the weekends. Even today, though “last night”-this morning- the last time I remember seeing on my cell phone was 2:56am. I’m more of a mid day napper anyway. I am alot more calm and reasonable about my finances today then I was yesterday–when I woke up at 4:30am to work on my budget and pay this month’s bills– or the day before. I’ve devised my own little plan that will help me make it through to January and have everything be okay. I’m also working overtime left and right, for the little extra insurance. This weekend will be the big going out weekend that will last me the rest of the month (not including thanksgiving, which will be my mid payperiod celebratory recharge—turkey!) Last night was good though. I went to dinner, where I spent an equal amount on food as I did alcohol (which wasn’t really alot, just completely odd that they ended up being identical amounts). I went to our BIG football game where I witnessed just how difficult it is for our boys to catch, run, or throw. I met my friend Adrianne’s husband and her children. When I saw her husband I did a double take, and my head went “now way, that can’t be him….he’s supposed to be in Washington” because her husband looks so much like Brian its not even funny. He was wearing this gray sweatshirt and a gold chain, has a bald head and that golden brown skin tone that mixed kids have—except I think her husband’s Italian, where Brian was mixed—and for a second or two it creeped me out. Then I saw her sun and just wanted to eat him up. QUE CUTE! I made it home in time to go out dancing, which I think I could do every week and still be an effective educator. Actually, it just might make me a better educator. Today is a beautiful day (which really, isn’t every day in SoCal beautiful) and that makes me think something bad just might happen…like my car will have been stolen from my locked garage or something. I honestly think that my own emotional and mental health are like protective coating against “bad things” happening to me. 1. its really all about perspective anyway and I’m not one for playing the “victim”…things happen, its life, make better choices. 2. When you’re dealing with the craziness in my head, its really just self imposed. Fate doesn’t need to align for bad things to happen. My plan for this morning was to go work out…yeah, that is not gonna happen at 8:02am.


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