Spine Tingling Citrus Juice


Goodness, I have spent the better part of the last three days just a little messed up. Just a little. To the point of slight paranoia last night. But in all honestly, when ever I get tipsy I sometimes have this slight paranoia as well, so its not just drug specific. i had the thought that someone was trying to trick me in a conversation, by talking about pants, but then possibly talking about something else to trick me into revealing that, when I responded in reference to pants, that I was too fucked up to actually be really listening. Which was true…not the paranoia part, just the too messed up to be comprehending anything that was going on.

I also had a really interesting moment with pineapple orange juice. I apparenlty had been drinking it for the better part of Saturday and Sunday without realizing it. It wasn’t until I actually picked up the carton for myself did I realize that it was pineapple orange juice, and something clicks in my head: Hey, you don’t even like pineapple orange juice. I hadn’t had it since i was a kid, and then I hated it…but at age 25 i thought it was quite delicious. Now I’m drinking Orange Mango suprise and its only okay.

Oh…and while I was exiting the parking garage of my doctor’s office, the parking attendant asks me if I”m married. I respond no. Then he tells me how I shouldn’t grow any more or get any bigger because then guys won’t want to marry me because they’ll be afraid I’ll beat them up. WHAT? First of all, this is why you work in a parking garage. Second of all, I would never date someone who was scared I would beat them up…what a wimp!


2 responses

  1. First things first. You can beat me up anyday ;P
    Second, the parking attendant needs a pimp slap.
    Thirdly, I ate pineapple for desert last night.