Happy Giving Thanks Day


Thanksgiving in San Diego is how it should always be done. Actually, just in Southern California in general. Mags came in from out of town, and the Usual Suspects and their assorted spouses/boyfriends all made the trek down to San Diego for food, fun, family, and friends. I took it easy with the food, though I certainly got enough. I don’t like to stuff myself, I like to take it slow, so I kept my self from experiencing a considerable amount of indigestion. I was also thoroughly embarrassed when my personal life was completely laid bare and scrutinized. Along with relegating people to the outside of the circle of trust, I came away from this experience with the great comfort that I am very glad that I’ve made the decisions that I have and while my way of doing things may go against the grain of what everyone else thinks I should be doing, like Frank Sinatra, I’m gonna continue to do it MY WAY. It works for me, it works for my values, and it works for intended purposes…which is to a)find something deeper then the physical, b)maintain good health and wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally, and c)not feel like crap because I’m living up to someone elses expectations of me and not my own. It works effectively for focusing on the NOW, living and being in the moment NOW, and not yesterday or tomorrow. Though tomorrow has a ton of options. I have the option of going dancing at the Highland (club/bar?) in Hollywood, and getting together with new/old friends in Long Beach. I’m trying to figure out a way to do both. I really want to go dancing, but I’m not a big fan of these parties where myself, a teacher friend, and the host are the only people I know. As extroverted as I am, it makes it difficult to be comfortable in my surroundings when I don’t really know anyone at this bar. I am not quite so sure how to do it yet, but I’m sure that I will someday gain comfort in being able to go out by myself. I have a couple of friends who do this all the time. I’m just going to practice at it.


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  1. Living Now is your real self, living in the past or constant thinking of the future is not you and just your ego. The ego lives in the past, or a made up future, it can’t live in the present.

    Way to be conscious!

    My Thanksgiving was good and gluttonous. I’m ready to start my anorexic diet plan in the next 5 mins; I just have some left overs to top off. 😛

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