I haven’t been to the movies in ages. I don’t even know if anything good has come out in the last six months. However, I did stumble across several previews for future movies that I would love to see. Like, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Or the new Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie. Its funny how I primarily watch A&E and really miss all the commercials for anything either then the anniversary boxed set DVD collection of Pride and Prejudice–which I’ve seen and am not to impresed with. I even picked up the Entertainment Weekly movie guide for the winter, and it was also tres lame. I’ll make due until I head for christmas. I’m really glad I bought my ticket a week and a half ago…I have a feeling that prices have gone up. Or not.


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  1. I saw a movie with Hugh Jackman and one of my girlfriends by the name of Rachel Weisz. It’s called “The Fountain.” It was a decent flick, kinda like a Science Fiction love story kinda thing.

    My daughter is hooked on the Ninja Turtles. I’m hoping the movie will be rated PG so I can take her to it.

  2. I’m just a bit freaked out by a bald Hugh Jackman, though I am quite a fan of Rachel Weisz…tres pretty, even when pregnant in The Constant Gardener!