"Brrrrr…its cold in here


there must be some Torros in the atmosphere/oh we, oh we, oh we/ ice, ice, ice” Bring it on, starring Kirsten Dunst, and america’s favorite second fiddle, Gabrielle Union.

the idea of making chicken soup tonight makes me super fucking excited. Angella’s mom gave me a recipe that would be super super easy, or at least sounded super super easy, however, as she was telling it to me I was super distracted by the smell of simmering turkey stock–simmering homemade turkey stock–and had had a bit to drink throughout the day, so none of it actually stuck in my brain. I did get the message that I should cook my own chicken instead of buying one from the store–because you never know how much salt they use, or the degree of quality to which they cook the meat. excited!

I am also going to bake cookies either tonight or tomorrow. Possibly tomorrow though so that there are two days in which my tiny apartment is filled with warmth. Yea! I’m watching Dexter, contemplating going to the gym, and scouring Foodnetwork.com for a good chicken soup recipe.


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