So i’ve made the decision to not actually leave my bed today to do any work. I’ve decided not to go to campus for our class meeting. I ‘ve turned down the oppurtunity to make an extra 50 bucks distributing t-shirts at fairfax. My only intention is to lay in this bed and try to keep warm, read my new book, and this afternoon I will hit the gym. Around 1. my arm muscles hurt from my new routine. I’ve had repairman stop by twice today. Once early this morning to see exactly how and why my furnace is broken, and another right now to see why my window doesn’t close properly. I put in a request with my landlord on tuesday, so I’m glad that these things are being looked at. what I have to wonder, which i’ve wondered before, is what exactly did the person who live here before me do to this place? Its absolutely ridiculous.


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