The revolution may not be televised, but it will be dramatized, and coming to a theater near you.

I don’t know if ya’ll have seen the commercials for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, but they’re a little freaky…and kinda don’t give you a really good idea of what the movie will be about. That’s where the trailer comes in. Because only on the website do you see the Mayan temples. And it is only then that one realizes that Apocalypto is about to be this generation’s Shaka Zulu! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. The fight for territory, the fight for survival against a people who will ultimately take you the fuck out–yeah. Oh,they should do a back to back screening of both films…though that would be like 11-12 hours of movie watching because Shaka Zulu was a 9 hour mini series released in 1986 (so techinically of our generation, but not of our cognitive understanding). And Apocalypto is supposedly filmed entirely in the mayan language. You know what this means: no messy dialog to get in the way of my action! Yes! Fucking I love it when parallels between cultures can be drawn. Anyone else seeing it? No? Yes? Anyone…anyone?


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  1. Sure, there’s a corrollary, but Shaka Zulu was about the man leading the Zulu Nation, and his downfall. Apocolypto is also about one man, but the guy is from some itty bitty village who was captured to be a sacrifice to the Mayan Gods. Apocolypto is about the end of the Mayan Empire, and there are parallels, but in the end Shaka Zulu is Shaka Zulu and Apocolypto will later be called Mayan Heart because there’s a graphic scene of a sacrifice victim having his beating heart removed from his body. This seems to be a trademark in all Gibson films starting with Braveheart to Jesus Heart, and now Mayan Heart.

  2. theme of the great male sacrifice…i wonder if he’ll do any movies about female sacrifice, or if that’s why we have directors like Sophia Coppola…who will make an entire movie about Marie Antoinette without mentioning the politics of her life.

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