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Which female R&B artist are you?

AALIYAH: Like Aaliyah, you are one in a million, girl. You don’t care about what others might say about you, you just keep it real and do you. You are a sweet, caring person who is always happy and knows how to have fun. People know that and can’t keep away from your addicting personality. You hold it down for your family AND your friends. And those Harry Potter books? You know you gotta read ’em.
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  1. I can see that. I’m Alicia Keys:

    Ah, the talented Ms. Keys. You are an extremely intelligent girl who has a knack for creativity. You are focused on your career and education and excel at it. You are what people say, street, but sweet. A boughetto chick who can hang with the girls and ball with the guys anyday. You are a one-woman show and you’re out to change the world. Watch out.

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