So it has come to my attention that since my blog is now set on private, and i got to choose who has access to reading it, and being that only maybe 6 people have access to reading my blog–all six of you are in relationships. Like of the 7 of us, which includes my self–i am the only single person in our “group.” So this is my question to you: how did you meet the person with whom you are sharing your life at this current moment? Respond bitches! come on….


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  1. I met my “sig other” thru a mutual friend. I was asked by this mutual friend to be a “casual date” for my eventual “sig other” because at that time my sig other was liking this guy who would be attending her sister’s birthday party. We got along very well and we continued seeing each other and she totally forgot about the guy she was previously interested in.

    I didn’t “steal” her from the guy she was interested in, since that guy never paid her any attention. He was a friend of the family’s and he always treated her like a little sister, but of course when he saw me with her that night he did act a little jealous, or so I was told, but we never had a problem talking or getting along and he eventually moved to california anyway.

  2. We met at a bar. After which I got an email inviting me to a party she was hosting. At which, she kept hitting on me despite the fact that FD was right beside me. Fast forward past FD, Montana, etc. And here we are…

  3. Worked at a bookstore together, talked about Bjork, Ninja Turtles, and Frank Miller, went on first date to see Fantasia 2000, moved in together 6 months later, been together ever since.

  4. ooh i’m late on responding! he’s in my med school class, showed up in his dorm room one night, got in his bed, said ‘get in the damn bed.’ the rest you can imagine.

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