Commercials I hate


* That new Gap commercial with Common. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Gap. I love Common. I don’t love Common endorsing the Gap. Just make it stop. NOW.

* That fucking Jetta commercial to show how fucking safe those fucking cars are. Everytime I see it, I have a coronary. Every fucking time. Just makes a girl wanna say, “Watch the road motherfucker!”

* The Head on commercial. WHAT THE FUCK?! Head on, apply directly to the forhead. Head on, apply directly to the fore head…what exactly are they marketing?

*Any pot smoking/alcohol drinkign commercial where some little girl is just merrily playing along until she fucking gets smacked hard by a car. Much like that fucking Jetta Commecial…i have a coronary everytime I see it.

You know what I love? The good folks at You Tube.


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  1. You do know the only reason Common did the commercial for Gap was out of response to Lil Kim doing a commercial for Old Navy.

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