harry potter


I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Harry Potter on ABC or ABCFamily, but I must say that I enjoy these versions of the films much better then the DVD versions of the film. There is a definite difference. I first noticed the difference in college when ABC aired The Sorcerer’s Stone. It contained all of the deleted scenes. By the time it aired on TV I’d watched it like 70 times, so I could totally tell. Well, no one believed me then. And tonight, as I watch Chamber of Secrets on ABCFamily, they’re doing the same thing. In the book and in the ABCFamily version there is a scene where Ronald explicitly notes how he recognizes Tom Marvolo’s name (because while he was polishing the trophies, he kept vomitting up slugs on this particular trophy and had to keep starting all over again) and Hermoine making the connections to 50years ago and Marvolo’s possible knowledge of the event. this isn’t mentioned in the DVD version. In the DVD the scenes go straight from the dead girl giving hairy the diary in the flooded restroom, to Harry looking at the diary in a candlelit room. God, I wish I could hot link this entry to my blog. But check it out for yourself. DVD version is chapter 22. The deleted scene I’m talking about is on Disc two of the DVD set. Choose additional scenes, and scroll over twice. there will be a framed “picture” of harry reading the diary. goes straight away to the deleted scene that ABC saw fit to include in their airing. I really wish I could just own the entire movie with all the deleted scenes in place. They’re only cut to shorten the film, and keep with the authenticity of the story. Being that i usually just watch these films back to back anyway, I wouldn’t mind the extra minutes.

Don’t believe me. Check out Wikipedia also. The phenomenom is referenced near the bottom of the page in the section called Deleted Scenes Controversy.


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