I just saw the coolest thing. Well two really fucking cool things. The first one was Amanda. she rocks. The second one was this improv show in which her co-teacher acts. I’ve never seen improv live. They move so quickly from scene to scene, thought to thought, line to line. Incredible and incredibly funny. It is always awesometo see people who have a balance between their interests and their careers. Its just awesome to see people who know what they are interested in. Fucking rockin.

I’ve gotta start improvising improvements to my day. I shit you not, though I’ve been pretty social at night, i’ve spent most days laying in bed watching movies or going to the gym. My day usually goes like this: wake up, eat some oatmeal, try to cover myself as I sit in my chair and read or watch a movie, then crawl back into bed because I realize that I am way to fucking cold to not be covered in blankets, fall asleep—for what seems like ever–wake up, go to the gym, shower, get ready to head out to somewhere cheap…and somehow manage to eat dinner. I’ve been reduced to two meals a day for like the last week which is seriously fucking up my gym time cuz I get to the gym completely uninterested in working out, and so i give it a half ass attempt. i gotta make a better attempt, but that usually involves spending money so I’m gonna have to remedy that.

Also, I’m thinking about cutting my hair again. Like going back to shorter hair. I keep having these dreams that I’ve cut all my hair off. Like, I’ve seriously had this dream like 3 times. It means adding 20 minutes onto my morning to do my hair, but I kow that my hair has grown long enough to have draped bangs, and a very mod hair cut (think like those emo boys wear, a shag with sweeping bangs- fuckers have the perfect fucking hair cuts). Think twiggy, or Beyonce in Dreamgirls when she has the short hair. Or not–really its that other actress, the singer on the right. think Tammi Terrel actually. A little similar. Not exactly. Its hard to describe. but I know it will save me money. At least $500. that’s for fucking sure. which will make living life a hell of a lot easier. And as much as I love my hair, it never makes me feel better getting it done. the first times I got it done I burst into tears afterwards because it didn’t make me feel better at all. I had no idea what to do with it and I thought it made me look like a kid. now its definitely cuter, but its time for a change. by the time i cut it, i will have had long hair for a year. i do this every so often. my freshman year of college i cut off all of my hair and wore an afro for like 3 years. I did it at first as an empowerment thing–like,I am not my hair. there is such subtle, yet powerful, emphasis on hair in this country and I just couldn’t deal…so a group of us got together in a boy’s restroom and just hacked off all of the relaxed bits of my hair, and i just wore it super short. It made college a lot easier as well, and that freedom allowed me to focus on other things. I can become quite obsessed with my hair, so it was a good thing for me to be strong and near bald. I even dyed it red my junior year. so hopefully I will be liberating myself from an expensive obsession. i can use all that money for debauchery. yea!


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