so i am up early with the repair man installing a thermostat in my wall. its ever the uncomfortable situation to sit around in ones house with a stranger in the same room. however, if i wanted to leave, i would be required to actually get out of this chair, and that aint gonna happen. he’s a nice enough guy, and i’ll continue to sit here and blog. i’ve offered him water, and before he got here i moved the bookcase out of the way so that the area he wouuld be working in was as clear as possible. there really is no need for small talk. sometimes people just want to get on with their jobs. that whole talkingbit just distracts from getting the job done.

i’m tackling planning today. i have to go up to the campus for an hour for Senior cabinet, so i figure what better a time to start outlining what i plan to conquer this semester. Its nice to actually only be teaching four classes. four completely different classes. which you know, is down from five. five completely different classes. that are completely different every single year. i’m really glad that I get to teach english, and I am super glad that this is my 4th year of teaching and that I now have some sort of handle on this job. I meet new challenges every year, however, I always begin every year looking forward to what I will have learned by the end of the school year (yes, that does mean that I begin every single year looking forward to the end of the school year). This year is especially exciting because a)its my fourth year of teaching, so that means my first year students will be graduating–in theory, and b)I give the speech at graduation. along with overseeing the planning of the major senior dances (winter formal and prom–new dresses), graduation should be the most interesting thing on the horizon.

I am also looking forward to going home for a ten days. this is the first year that I’ve realized that going home means taking pictures, and taking pictures means actually bringing clothes that are appropriate to take pictures in…and doing my hair…and being ready. Not like formal pictures, but like, say you’re just sitting on the couch watching City Confidential on A&E when your mom decides to start snapping pictures of you. Pictures of you at your very non best because, honestly, all you want to do is watch TV. Now I will be prepared. I will remember to bring suitable clothes, and there shall not be any more crazy pictures of me laying around for someone to find and black mail me with.

and on that note: I now have heat. yes!

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