Oh it was hot in all kinds of ways today. My heat was turned on! Then I traveled to my shcool site, because its Tuesday, and on Tuesday I work with my seniors…except today was a Professional Development day, which means period 4 ended approximately the same time I got to campus. I hate having go to work for absolutely no reason at all. but i got some chisme from a staff member, checked out The Heart of Darkness, and headed out for a picnic. That’s right, a picnic. Check out the picture. That look on my face is called PTG-post taco glow. Fucking love tacos. Actually its a smug look of PTG because I took this picture with the full intent of sending it to my friends who live in grey snowy places: mags in san francisco and shals in seattle. So just in case they didn’t get the photo, they’re gettin it now. Temperature was about 76degrees. Yeah, I realize that much like the folks in Australia, Los Angelenos will definitely have their share of skin problems…but I’m black…dark black. All those new little studies about black women and skin cancer aren’t necessarily specific to folks in my skin tone range–more like my fairer skin sisters who are still just as black, just not as dark. I enjoyed my picnic, did some reading, and didn’t even get sunsick. Twas great! I wonder if I can cash in my plane tickets home for tickets to Aruba?

Don’t fall for this. Do fall for this. My friend Abi runs this site! How fucking cool is that!? Love it. Love her.


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