so I ordered these boots today. I woke up, took a shower, called aerosoles and ordered these boots. in chocolate brown. I have boots in black. I want them in brown. Their so cute that i’d probably rock them with small legged pants (ie skinny pants). they remind me of horse back riding boots–more shiny though. I’ve been kicking my ass at the gym and I deserve them. Its my christmas gift to myself being that the parents are a little strapped for cash. technically, as am i because i’m using funds from soething else to cover this purchase today. i get paid tomorrow so whatever.

these last couple of nights i haven’t been able to sleep for shit. i counted to 1,500 last night before i fell asleep. i was really tired though aso because i’d worked out for a while. i don’t get it, but i’ll figure it out. I also visited Amanda’s school yesterday. the entire school was so small (in number, as well as people–only 10 teachers–and facilities). i want that. i’m excited for next year’s move to small learning communities. My SLC (the sports science and business academy—as in sport sciences, and sport business areas, not sports, science, and business) is small now, and i just pray that teachers who drive me insane don’t get transferred in order to fill out the rest of our staff. choosing an SLC for me was less about theme and more about who i want to sit in meetings with. and i hope our location on campus will allow me to control the heat in my classroom. i’m up on campus today for senior cabinet (to which i’ll make it on time) as well as package ordering. its the same bullshit tomorrow, and saturday, but i’m not going saturday. saturday is all you can eat sushi. alright, off to work i go.


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  1. I’m really sorry, but when I saw those boots, I forgot about what the rest of your post was about, and so my comment is as follows: Those boots with you in a mini skirt; SMOKIN’! ! !

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