Can you dig it?


Things I am diggin right now:
1. My new boots. They arrived at my door and were on my feet 24 hours after I ordered them! Hot Damn!
2. Red Wine. Yum. and I’m fighting off heart disease and cancer while I drink it.
3. The new series on BET called American Gangster. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out, hit up itunes for the free premiere episode…if its still free.
4. Seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a while, even though we are technically neighbors…in a sense.
5. meeting new people. I haven’t been able to sleep lately,so I took myself to this coffee shop around the corner called Psychobabble and met a journalism student who goes to LACC, who hooked me up with this website for educators to network. I just need to meet new young people in this area. People who are as cool and who I connect with like…well, like the folks that read this blog.
6. Did i mention my new boots? Fuck, i want them in black now too….they’re so fucking comfortable. They come up to just a few inches below my knees…and today I had to run across campus a couple of times and had no problems doing so in my new boots. Runnability is a must in all the boots or shoes I own. If I can’t run in the heels, I shouldn’t be wearing them.
7. my friend Sarah, who was super persistent in making our friendship work long distance and over time, that I’m remembering how much we actually have in common. We’re like the different sides of the same emotionally tarnished coin. So we’ll IM each other, and constantly be like “I know! That’s exactly how I feel!” though our lives have always been very different.
8. The ability to socially and emotionally cope. yeah, not fucking going nuts all the time. Its highly deceptive, but that’s also highly protective in nature.
9. Holiday parties. Love em.
10. Time. Knowledge. Literature. Growth. Infinite possibility. I’m still diggin the idea of going to school to be a school psychologist. I’ll have taught for 10 years by the time it happens. I’ll be 31.

wow, i really did have to stop in the middle of things I dig list to write the “shit I don’t dig” list, so now they’re being written at the same time:

1. The Real World. not reality…but that god awful dried out show. who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of 19 year olds in one house and let them stew? Its only a matter of time before someone says something that makes black/latino/or homosexual person in the house want to stab them. Rightfully so.
2. the need for people to just stop me and lecture me about the sex life that I’ve never talked to them about but that they assume I have (or don’t have) because a)I’m young, b)I’m pretty…funny lookin! (Ha! just kidding) and c)single therefore able to runamuck with a variety of different people. Don’t you know that for the second time in like three weeks I’ve been targeted to be the recipient of two very different peices of advice. Over Thanksgiving I received the advice to get laid from a much older and wiser lady then I. Today i recieved the advice of slow down, don’t look for anything, don’t let men turn your silk into leather…from a woman who a)is maybe 8 years older then me so roughly 33, b)I’ve been known to catergorize as being like a crazy aunt. Please note that in both cases I didn’t not solicit this advice, though I’m finding Thanksgiving advice (and pretty muc all the advice that I recieve from the folks in San Diego) to be that much more valid the advice of someone I’d categorize as a crazy aunt. Crazy Aunt was telling me that I just need to chill in my house and date white guys…nerdy, rich white guys. Huh? Its funny becauase while Crazy Aunt is telling me this and to protect my silk (what kind of euphemism is that?) another woman–whom I’ll call L3, who is much older then both of us–and totally felt my need to gravitate towards all things brown and nice–, was like, “Crazy Aunt, she needs to go out there and experience different things! One day someone is gonna want her to teach them somethings…and well, she needs to go out now and learn some shit!” I swear to you I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. L3 kinda nailed it on the head. She was married for 27 years before she was like, fuck this, and is now living up life like a teenager. And told us a story that involved juggling 3 different men. I unfortunately had to leave when she mentioned guy #4. Right now, I’m definetely taking the advice of folks in San Diego and L3–who i’ve now only had 1 conversation with– and apparently has it going on. Let me repeat that in this situation all i was doing was walking down the hall when I was called over.
3. Insomnia…which apparently both my mother and sister have. Two nights in a row…and tonight I fear…I haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve laid awake, I’ve counted to 1500, I’ve removed excess clothing, i’ve read (and now I’m reading Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, as well as Faulkners Light in August…so you know there is some shit there to put me to sleep) but I’m not falling asleep until after 4:30am.
4. The ability to socially and emotionally cope–at times. I know its lame, but its also an ineffective trait when I need to get to the heart of things, and all i can do is be seemingly logical which leads to de-sensitizing…not desensitizing, but I don’t validate the degree to which something is affective or effecting me. Its a defense mechanism. So in my unvolunteering ability to socially and emotionally cope, things are okay out side and with my therapist, when they’re not okay when i’m away. which is not effetive in the developing coping mechanisms…because it doesn’t solve the problem, it treats the symptom.
5. broken hearts. the anticipation. the reality. its all scary hard.
6. Insomnia.
7.Bad parents. Particulary anything dealing with bad mothers. Cuz really, what the fuck. Caucasia anyone?
8. The way Round Table markets teh new Pepperoni Artisan Pizza as something women will love. Oh that’s not fucking true. Its got a fucking corn meal crust, chunks of mozzeralla, and like artisan pepperoni. you know what, when I eat my fucking pizza I just want real pizza. Most women, and I know this for a fact, want the same thing. We’re not guys. Pizza is not like sex. You don’t have to dress it up to make it good. you figure out what i’m talking about.
9. People who know you, who run in the same circles as you, but who do not partake in the common courtesy of acknowledging your presence with a simple “Hello” or “hi.” I don’t want to have a fucking conversation, just say hi. Silence, okay..fuck you then.
10. After spending sometime talking with Sarah from high school and scrolling through our myspaces pages, I realized, that for this one moment I’m just gonna put this one out there: I am so not diggin those cunt ass bitches from high school. Oh, they know who they are.


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  1. I am so not diggin those cunt ass bitches from high school.

    I don’t dig them either but I would take a shovel to the back of their heads. 😛

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