my love


1. Thanks Walter! I try!
2. I’m supremely good at sticking my foot in my mouth. Example: I let it slip that there was a viciously wild rumor on our campus that our Assistant Principal was caught in an office with a very young woman who may or may not have been his wife, though this statement has been recanted by the gentleman who walked in on them. I let this slip to someone who is actually pretty close with this same AP. Foot meet mouth. I played it off like it was a vicious untrue rumour…when in fact, its the most truthful thing that I could have ever spoken. We all know about his mistress…she worked at our school for a couple of days. He’s introduced her to the school psychologist…as his girlfriend. And we’re all pretty sure that he and his wife have an arrangement.
3. I’m slowly losing my mind. i can barely grasp my sense of self and i think i may scream.
4. I’m reading A light in August, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Heart of Darkness.
5. I’m going to the Justin Timberlake concert on January 9th in Anahiem.
6. i think i’m gonna give my honda to my cousin in college after i pay it off. i want to buy a prius. used, of course. i’ll run that into the ground, and then she can have my ride…and maybe my laptop.
7. the gentleman who makes me cake at work told my friend karla that he likes me. totally sweet compliment. it just too bad that I am just not feeling him…anyone…not even Justin Timberlake. maybe when i come back, maybe for new year’s i’ll feel different.
8. i’m thinking…after i get my clear…i’ll move back home. i miss them. I just don’t see life being any good for me there, though i miss it terribly sometimes.
9. I was offered the chance to interview for a position as Activities Director at Rialto High School. That’s an incredible compliment that the principal would want to hire me straight away, cuz now i’m just being generous, and he didn’t ask for an interview at all but told the gentleman i work with that he wanted to hire me. Its an incredible compliment that i’m not at all ready to take. Moving to the Inland Empire would be detrimental to my social life. I would be further then ever from my friends, and honestly, i have no idea how I would make friends in the low desert. Rialto is one of the highest paying school districts..and the cost of living is significantly lower there…because you’re living in the Low desert. Like what the fuck would you do out there?
10. i can’t wait to be on a plane out of here.


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