Can I just say…


…that I hate that fucking BMW holiday’s commercial with the fucking screaming kids. If i ever have kids that act that way at christmas time, I shit you not, I would snatch that gift back…and give it to someone else. Disgusting
…that there was a neo nazi rally in westwood recently. And the only reason this made the news is not because of the rally, but because a black man in Claremont was beaten up by 4 dudes who were headed to the Neo-nazi rally in westwood. IN WESTWOOD.
…instead of reporting about the obvious racist sentiment being expressed in westwood, the news has found it more appropriate to talk about how at midnight it will be finals week for UC students, and the UCLA student body tradition of running around out doors in their underware once the clock hits midnight. Really? cuz you know how half naked co-eds takes prescedence over the neo nazi rally that occured there. Cuz i really give a fuck about half naked co-eds.
…I cannot ever eat another taco again. I’ve officially reached my fill tonight. augh…this makes me so sad.

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  1. I wish I could say the local news isn’t reporting the racial attacks because they don’t want to bolster the neo nazi’s actions by airing it on public tv, but more it seems because half naked co-eds means more ratings. Very disappointing.

  2. only white kids scream like that. not just at home, but all the time… schools, planes, malls, funerals. god save us all from white kids and the parents who (don’t) raise them

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