Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Its funny how one phone call can change an entire day. Where yesterday I was all set and pumped to head out tonight for drinks and sushi, I went to bed, woke up, and have sort of made my way through this day just waiting for the time when I could return to bed. I had some work to do, and headed up to Franklin for a bit, finished up about 2/3rds of my Xmas shopping, and now I’ve returned home. Thankfully. I’ve cancelled my obligations for tonight without pause, because I’m going out on Saturday and Sunday, and Monday…and really, that’s a whole lot of socializing. I’ll be better prepared for it tomorrow evening then I currently am.

Have you ever seen the move Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? Its a hoot. Its a hoot because its comedic, and well shot at the same time. There is a scene where they (jude law and gwenyth paltrow) are in Shangri-La…except Shangri-La looks EXACTLY like Middle Earth of LOTR fame. You know the scene in LOTR: fellowship of the ring when everyone meets at the place where the head elf lives, and they all sit around trying to decided who is best suited to destroy the ring? Well, in Sky Captain, this is Shangri La. Then Jude and Gwen are taken to visit the last living man of a group of slaves who served this evil man. This man has been terribly disfigured and is kind of distorted so the audience doesn’t get such a good look at him while they have their conversation. Well, as the man pulls Jude close he comes into clearer view…and its fucking YODA! you know, from Star Wars! Like they made the disfigured man look like Yoda! Hilarious! There is also a scene where Jude is fighting Bai Ling who is evil, and its straight out of a light sabor fight in Books 1 or 2 of Star wars. I’m a dork. I’m a bigger fan of LOTR then of star wars, but seeing referenced in this movie made me laugh.


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  1. Tell me you’re coming to Dreamgirls with me! It’s a premiere Event at the Arclight. The tickets are worth 25 dollars! I have them in my purse!

  2. I saw that movie, and Angelina Jolie gives this Dominatrix vibe when sporting an eye patch.

    Here’s a test of your “dorkness”. In a space battle, who would win, The Enterprise D, or the Death Star?

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