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83% of my pay check goes to bills (bills are defined as utilities [2%], insurance [4%], car payment [12%], rent [30%], cell [3%], cable-internet [3%], school loan payments [17%], credit cards [11%] and the world’s cheapest gym membership [0.006%- roughly almost 1%]). Who would have thought that this young woman, at one point in time didn’t know how to work percentages…look a me now! this month 97% of my paycheck went to bills [MOTHERFUCKING CAR!!!!!!!!]. The only thing on my list of debits that is a non essential- cable…which makes up only $37 of my current debit. Things could be far worse. FAR FAR WORSE. Growing up my worst fear was–and continues to be–being homeless. At least i have a home, and a car, and a job. Still not technically working poor because I have that 17% on which to hang! FUCK YEAH! I shit you not, no sarcasm, but I think that these last few months i have definitely slipped into the negative net worth category. So lets make a list of things for which I should be incredibly grateful. I think I make this list several times a year, but its good to put things into perspective when you’re about to make a significant change to the way in which you live your life (adios Vegas. It was really fun and all, but this girl no longer has a student loan check to have fun with. Thanks for the goodtimes. Love ya, muah!)

1. I’m 25! Which means, though I am broker then all of my friends, I am younger then all of my friends…except the Seattle folk…and the Doc. Which, in a sense, gives me more time to contemplate being broke.
2. I live in Los Angeles (see, the Seattle folks don’t have that up on me!) which means that even today, December 14th, was beautifully sunny and warm..except for anywhere that was outside of the shadow of the sun–freezing.
3. I can read…which means that I’ve read The Time Traveler’s Wife, which completely allowed me to gush about it with another teacher (male) today in a majorly foolish, foolish way that has hopefully ignited a fire within all of the teachers in the workroom to either a) go out immediately and read that book or b) start up a collection plate to get us both fucking committed—whoa crazy! (did i tell you I’m diggin The Handmaid’s Tale?)
4. Rockin cool friends that are scattered around the Southland and the PNW, as well as the eastern seaboard and Texas. Without them life would merely suck ….alot.
5. My powerbook G4. I made my mother a rockin cool birthday gift that featured those rockin cool friends and those rockin cool students I happen to love.
6. My students –both in the SPED program, but also every Senior who hasn’t ever asked me a dumb ass question about why they won’t be able to walk at graduation because they chose not to come to school. I like these kids, I like this job, and in a few years —fall of 2008–hopefully I will be entering a School Psych program! Yea! I actually did a bit of planning today, plan to do a bit of planning tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe do a bit of planning while I’m in Seattle. Ha!
7. I am able bodied, able minded, and have bought my christmas cards already! I know that has nothing to do anything, but oh, they are so fucking cute! You’ll see what they look like when you get one.
8. 10 days with my family…FUCKING HELL YEA! I can’t wait to see them, and just hold onto my neice and hug her and hug her and hug her. Goodness, glory be! what does that mean? Ha! I just love my babe! I love swedish meatballs. Oh, I love that I will be able to have my mom make them for me! whoa!

this doesn’t have to be an even 10. It will never be an even 10 because there are so many good things for which I am grateful. But i’d like to add….dance movies and $6. yeah, $6. hotness.

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  1. You have a mac? I am so NOT WORTHY TO READ YOUR BLOG!!!

    As you can tell I really dig macs, but I don’t have one, not enough moolah, but I have read the handmaid’s tale. Where are you at in the book?

  2. GIRL, when you get to town we’re gonna talk finances. Let me tell you! Plus, I’ll teach you how to work the system, cause you get hella stuff for cheap being a teacher and i bet you dont even know about it!

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