Anyone heard about this controversy? I heard it referenced on the radio yesterday, and being that I generally glance over anything that Kanye says now adays, becuase it will, without fail, be offensive, I didn’t see this or read about it until I was intrigued enough to google it. My big question is: just how “hood” is Kanye West? I mean, I’m certainly not one to judge…but I was just wondering where he gets his authority from to recall, fondly, memories of biracial girls being referred to as “mutts.” I’m just sayin…like when I say that the mixed folks I know (black and white) are slightly crazy…its because its fucking true. Have you met some of the members of my family. Remeber Mariah? Shit. Its true. Give me some updates if you’ve heard of this situation.

Dude, how fucking hot is the winner of the new Survivor. “HI! My name is Candy. Have you seen my cat?” The rest of the conversation would get ridiculously unpublishable…


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  1. When you meet Yul, you’ll need better game than that Gerl. Here’s a couple of lines that should assist:

    “MMMM,MM, what Sushi plate did you roll off of?”

    “Is it true that asians are chopstick licking good?”

    “Wanna tell me an ‘Ancient Chinese Secret’?” (((Yes I know he’s Korean)))

    “You make ‘Hyundai’ sound so Sexy”.

    With lines like these you can’t lose. ;P

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