Home for the Holidays


So I’m home for christmas finally…and thank goodnes, as soon as we rounded the corner to our house the lights in the neighborhood went back on, and power was restored. Whew! Cuz really, kickin it in the dark would have gotten real old, even with a generator. According to a news special about the storm, 12 people have died in some related way to this freak of nature phenomenom. CO2 poisoning (some camping equiptment/grills should not be used indoors), electricution (someone stepped on a livewire while walking their dog!) or a fucking tree just falling out of the damn sky! so many reasons i trudge through smog and endure the “dangers” urban living (fucking male teenage drivers from a eastern european country whose people were ethnically cleansed…WORST SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT EVER! slow your fucking mercedes down when driving down a slim ass street!) Things here are cold but okay…quiet so far. The baby is not such a baby any more. She’s such a big girl. I guess being nine will do that to a person. I’ll keep you all posted on any insanity that may occur!


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