Feliz Navidad


Its officially Christmas…12:01am on December 25th, 2006. Merry Christmas. It doesn’t feel much like Christmas. I mean, I’ve laid around on my ass and watched movie after movie, I’ve watched my little sister not eat dinner, I am drinking my Christmas beer, but not having my Christmas flan. Maybe that’s what’s missing…christmas flan from El Toritos. Creamy. Yum. Okay, I’ll stop. Anyway, I guess it doesn’t feel much like Christmas because I spent this afternoon watching a Real Housewives of Orange County Marathon on Bravo, only to turn the channel to Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club…which, even if you’ve never seen either program (bless your heart) I will not be providing links to either because both are truly disgusting programs. Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back for the phenomenal number of breast augmentations, botox injections, and bad marriages you’ve had..go ahead, you deserve it. And while you’re at it…why don’t you act like you’re 25 and in Las Vegas. I can’t deal with “cougars” and their waddling necks. I feel amazingly embarassed for their kids. I am glad to not be one of the 7 million Americans who live within a gated community. The 20-something soon to be wife ended up getting a job, much to her husband’s dismay. you’d think he’d be happy to have her not be spending his money. so in retaliation he hired an assistant to answer his phone while he played golf…? Marriage is a ridiculous concept, as are relationships (can you tell I’ve been reading in Essence about male sex vacations to Rio- apparently its all the rage to create a faux relationship with a woman who is economically dependent on you [because she’s a prostitute], and doesn’t speak nearly a word of english..while dissin’ all the things black women don’t do for you back in the United States–shut the fuck up.) people are stupid. dogs are scary. babies are needy. Music is the perfect being- ridiculously filling, articulate, and moving. Excuse me while I go back to listening to my early morning, Christmas Diddy tunes. Stop laughing.


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