A christmas Story


so this is a question I have to ask all my fellow educators-past, present, future, whatever: if you happened upon this scenario, what would be your first gut wrench reaction? Not the reaction that we’d all take upon ourselves (finding someway to get this kid detached from this pole), but like your instinctual reaction upon coming upon this little fucker with his tongue stuck to a pole. Seriously, my first reaction would be torn between contemplating how cold it is and how much time dealing with this situation is gonna take out of my day. I teach high school, i’m not built to be a feeling, caring being.


2 responses »

  1. My thoughts would be how to get him extricated from that position with the least amount of pain. I was told by my sister that that child actor is now working in porn. Must be the tongue.

  2. You are so nice. My sister’s response was “oh, that is not my problem” and to walk away. A promotion into porn would be in direct correlation to the tongue action.

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