My Rage


Oh, I’m not alone in my rage. I was scrolling through gawker after awaking from a 12 hour coma, and came upon this Slate article reviewing the worst ads for 2006. I am so glad that I am not alone in my annoyance or rage towards the last two ad campaigns marketed by the Gap (audrey and common) or my rage towards volkwagen for their “Safe happens” commercial. But this is what drives me insane. There’s a new one. Yeah, a new “Safe Happens” commercial.

And they’re just fucking talking about the other commercial. You get this fake sense of security because they’re talking for a long as time before…WHAM! Can I just say that no matter how many times I see this commercial I’m not gonna buy a Volkswagen? What I don’t need to see is the jarring of the head, the whip around motion of the car…we all know what happens in car accidents…stop that shit VW!

Anyway, I’ve also endured a showing of “High School Musical” You know that disney movie that took the world by storm? Yeah, one and the same. Kinda think its cute. I wish my kids would handle their issues with a song and a dance. how much would that rock if the two major gang communities at my high school broke it down like the Jets and the Sharks ala West Side Story? You know, sans that whole stabbing each other part. Pivot, step, turn, kick. or ball, step, change, step, change, ball, turn…cute!

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