adios 2006


this is my last entry for 2006. I’m staying close to home because my car is not in driveable condition. The back window shattered-not spontaneously, but by some force that was unidentifiable by myself or the police- before I left for home 12 days ago. Ah, life in the city. I never have much planned for this “holiday.” I think last year I was laid out on my friend Irene’s couch, though my blog says I was supposed to be watching a marathon of Buffy. I most certainly wasn’t home because I remember having difficulty finding parking. Anyway. Oh, the adventures I’ve had this year. Somethings stayed the same as always (great friends, good job), somethings were definitely different then years in the past (guy quotient has increased, as has the dating quotient; got my own place; I had long hair for 11 months; I am absolutely disgusted by some foods I used to love). I’ve definitely had to grow up a little bit, which has increased my relationship with my mother. And, I have definitely become more mature. December has been an interestingly difficult month, but I am really prepared to take on 2007 head on.


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  1. For New Year’s eve I went to be at 11pm, because I got up at 5am to go jogging (part of my new year’s res) and the fact I’m at work today.

    I was in Chi town for Christmas and my sister has several episodes of Buffy, but she showed me the Buffy musical which I found to be entertaining.

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