Winter Weather


There is a wicked wind storm blowing through Los Angeles right now. Its been keeping me awake since 2 am. I tried to sleep, but its nearly impossible because the winds are so strong they shake my windows. At first I heard the wind through the trees and became anxious abuot the thought that it was in fact rain, and if it was raining then I wouldn’t be able to get my windshield fixed today because I have no over head dry area underwhich to have the work completed. But then my windows started to shake, and I looked out side…and there are no clouds. Just the reddish grey color of urban night fall….and wind. Wicked violent wind. Which is better then rain any day. Despite the cold.

So, my kids asked me yesterday what Global warming is. They’re pretty much all democrats, and I’m their democrat teacher (their Republican teacher would tell them that either that it doesn’t exisist; that the world is heating up because of an increased amount of swimming pools, air conditioners, and freeways; and that its a liberal conspiracy) so I told them about melting polar caps and the rising sea level, and the amount of pollution in the air, the global green house affect, etc, all leading to 2007 being predicted to be the warmest year on record. To which some of them responded, “well thank goodness I have an air conditioner.” RIMSHOT! (Ba-da-bum!)

So, every time I see the commercial from Freedom Writers I put that shit on mute. Don’t wanna hear it. I have no opinion whatsoever about this book or movie, and really if the world needs another movie about teachers or coaches over coming odds in some high school in Los Angeles, fine…whatever. I’m too busy teaching in a high school in Los Angeles to actually care. the ad campaign for it is just really aggressive. Every time a show breaks for commercial, there it is. For fuck’s sake…back off. the second they make a TFA movie….I’m gonna….fuck, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but its gonna happen.


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  1. The wind really was obnoxious this morning. I woke up at like 2:30 and tossed and turned until 4 and then went out to the couch. At least in the living room there are no poorly installed windows to rattle around.

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