I’m watching the HBO series “Rome” ONDEMAND. and though the show is in plain English, I am still just a little confused about what the hell is going on. I htink its because I keep leaving the room to check my dinner. I’ve actually gone out and bought food…yesterday and today. On Tuesday I showed a coworker my fridge, which at the time contained filtered water, a half tub of Lemon Cranberry cookies, bread, cheese and a carton of milk. What can I say? I never know what to eat so really why have that much food. I woke up friday with the need for lettuce and fruit, so I’ve stocked up on lettuce, apples, potatoes, chicken, …blah, blah, blah…so long story short: I’m experimenting with cooking. See, 2007 is starting different all ready.

did I tell you I got my hair cut? Its shorter and longer at the same time–people who’ve known me for a while will understand what that means. Its mod…and different. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can.

I took Friday off to get my car fixed. I think having that back window shatter was probably the best thing to happen to me. When it happened two cute cops came to check out the car to see if it had been a criminal act, or vandalism (there was none). Then when I get my window replaced, the guys also fixed my door that didn’t close properly. so no more whistling sound. did I mention that the Teach For America sticker is now gone as well. I distinctly remember a time this past fall when I had to explain that the reason that sticker was still in the back window was because I couldn’t get it off without leaving a residue…or having the window shatter and replaced. Please note, that though they did vaccuum out as much glass as they could see and get to, some must have fallen well beyond their reach because when ever I hit a speed bump my car sounds like a fucking maraca. I very much enjoyed driving around trying to find school supplies on the cheap. I should be planning some more, but really…I’m kinda into this show…and into it I shall remain.


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