The second week of school is going as swimmingly as to be expected. There is talk of the potential for a strike in the district (it goes up for voting in february), students are progressing as to be expected for the second week, and i’ve been sufficiently annoyed by most of the people i have to interact with. However, I did put my foot down and insist that my neighboring teacher not come into my classroom while I was teaching. I’m in charge of writing the additions to a proposal my collegues and i are writing–God forbid that someone else volunteer to step up, but thank God they didn’t because no one can write for shit, and this gets me out of attending wretched professional conferences. I’ve also put my foot down about attending a two day off campus PD during a 4 day week. I don’t think so. With that news, rate the week what youwill..i’m kinda apathetic about the whole thing.

I attended the Justin Timberlake concert on Tuesday. The night was easily a $200 event (a seriously expensive dinner, plus club seats at the Honda Center) that only cost me $20–for valet. This young lady performed as the opening act.

It was cool. I think I prefer small venue events (I would have loved to have seen him perform at the House of Blues) but I also like free shit, so whoo who. I’m cold.


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