lite weight


i realized that there would come a time when my body chemistry and metabolism would change and that i wouldn’t be able to party as hard…i just didn’t realize that would happen like at the tail end of my 25th year. no, i’m not becoming an old person. I’m just having my second hangover of the week. What! I went through an insane sspring and summer without a single hangover, and this week on two seperate occasions two Margaritas have left me sufficiently drunk and with a hangover the next morning. huh? its not horrible, which is a good sign, its just different. i don’t think i’ve ever had a hangover before. i’ve been left exhausted by a debaucherous series of nights out, but not necessarily hung over. oh…its a sign! the change of quarter life is coming! hot flashes be damned. kidding, not hot flashes…because then i’d be warm. I’m such a light weight in so many areas.

its a three day weekend and my friend esther had a house warming yesterday. esther and i have been on a health tip lately. we’re eyeing our weight, her more so then me, but i’ve gotten better in that these past few years i’ve been an active participant in my own health. i just didn’t realize how muhch alcohol could play apart in that! she had a shit load of liqour. holy crap. the margaritas i had were the pre-made suaza kind that you just poor over ice….deliciously limey and lightly tequilla filled. you know, aside from a few beers over christmas, i don’t think i’ve been out drinking since the end of summer/beginning of fall. that would explain the light weightiness of it all then. But anyway, its always nice to meet new people and to see friends that are going through the exact same issues and concerns. it puts into perspective the isseus of being 25, and makes me feel okay because I feel like people get me. i was telling rachel that though i love my friends from work they just feel so, like, not in the same sphere or reality. They’re all older, married or secure in some way that i’ve never experienced-thankfully so (living with my parents is not a luxury i would want to have…at all!) I love the ones I’m closer too, but its wierd how people try to force familiarity and trust where its still growing.

Ric, the cake maker, noted that I’m kind of stand off-ish around him (he said this to karla who told this to me) in part because he doesn’t think I speak to him enough when we’re in each other’s company (I’m sorry, but i have zero to say about star wars or star trek), and when he tried to rub my shoulders yesterday during lunch I shrugged him off. its like, don’t touch me. really, it is. i absolutely dislike it when people think they are invited into your personal space to create a contact familiarity…NO! People at work do this constantly all the time in some way or another, and I’ve learned over time that if something doesn’t make me feel comfortable that i need to make it stop. people should not assume a sexualized famialirty with someone else’s body. BACK OFF! it feels liberating to be able to voice that discomfort and actively remove myself from some one else’s touch the way i haven’t been able to in the past. Ka-POW! And Ric, I get to decide when or if we become close friends…not you.

i’m watching this show on the style network called “how do i look” and i’m wondering….um, why haven’t my friends gotten me on a style television show…but then I also realize that I in no way need as much help as the women they’ve chosen to be on this show. i just need some tutoring in the style department, not entire university schooling in style. cuz damn. its like the makeover that took place in the Princess Diaries…but over and over and over again. I’m telling you people—cream rinse can change everything about your hair…everything!


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