24 west wing blvd


You know, I have no idea why I haven’t been watching 24 as regularly as many other americans. I also wonder why i never watched west wing with as much regularity. I chalk it up to never knowing when either show was on. But I certainly can say that I know why they’ve been such popular shows: a)Writing–apparently they’re quite good and b)despite the number of terrorist attacks on america in every single season of 24, both shows provide a more positive look to how america could be. Aside from last season, 24 has been kind of consistent with having a black presidential hopeful or black president. on west wing there was a Democrat president to guide us through the dark night of our present reality. they’re both an alternate reality that i’d like to be apart of.


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  1. It bugged me that when Jack was trying to save the former terrorist guy from the house that he crouched behind the garbage cans and there was firewood there. And then he use the wood to beat down a guy and get his gun. Who uses firewood in LA? It was totally inconsistent!

  2. its all apart of alterna-LA that they live in. In alterna-LA there are no fireplaces, yet wood is kept around for protection purposes! Also, in alterna-USA we help alleged terrorists with shit…its way too complex for those of us in real-LA to understand.

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