Mad Hot Children


Oh…i am so convinced that elementary school is where the magic happens. Me not teaching elementary school is what keeps me thinking that children are cute, and keeps my ideals for the world fresh and new. they’re even cuter when they’re learning how to ballroom dance. I like this movie…its cute, and kinda poignant at the same time. the director catches interesting moments of commentary from the children about their opinions about things like boys, relationships, as well as their aspirations for the future. They’re trying so hard to sound so adult that it can’t help but come out sounding so innocent. One girl said something like this “its great being ten. being ten is like being two. you get to be silly and pretend like your a children.” which is funny and cute, and just this side of “huh?…oh, i get what you’re saying.” Dude…and then they cry, which breaks my heart and is kind of annoying…but not as annoying as watching their teacher cry. Hold it together chipmunk (chipmunk that looks like michelle culver). One little girl just said, “I’m indignant.” Ha!

in high school…that’s when everything gets all messed up. that’s why they need me…to help straighten that shit out. cuz damn…they’re attempt at adult hood is falling about as flat as that statement about pretending to be “children.” its not longer cute, cuz then you’re like…”Um, i thought your ass was 17.” Little kids=cute. You know what high schoolers need: wizarding lessons! No, i’m kidding…they need dance classes in PE! shit, we had that middle school in WA (square dancing is still dancing). its a humbling experience for everyone!


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  1. If I rent it, will you watch it with me? I’m not too good with horror movies and the picture of the two giant kids about to squash a city looks terrifying, but I will heat up some edamame (it’s better than popcorn). 🙂

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