When you get a chance head over to and read the article about the kid who managed to runaway back to texas by stealing three cars, and conning his way onto a Southwest airline fight to san antonio. Why’d he do it? “Because I hate it here!” was his response. I feel you kid, I feel you. And now its all fucking cold and miserable there. Goodness.

I’m still at work. I’m not supposed to be. We’re doing what is called “work to rule” where we are not doing anything more then we are being paid for…so essentially, i should have been in my car and driving home at 3:13pm. Everyone does extra work–we do it for the kids, which is why we’re still here–but we do it at home..or in my case, up until 11pm in Long Beach. It doesn’t much matter that I’m here though….I’m not doing anywork. I’m just trying to deflate from the day. I hate the amount of tension that builds up. i get tired of it. i’m not at all excited about having to miss lunch so that I can oversee a meeting with senior and junior girls. I am not at all excited about how painstakingly difficult its gonna be to teach my kids how to write for the CAHSEE. i think tomorrow will be an independent workday…which always ends up like this “miss, what am i supposed to do here?” me: “what do the directions say?” student reads directions. me: “do that” cuz 9 out of 10 times they just didn’t read teh directions. i know those kids who needs me to sit down with them…and i’ll do that tomorrow. i think tonight i’m gonna find a book to read, hit the gym, make some dinner and sleep. tomorrow is friday. thank goodness.

I think i’m feeling this way because i’m more then ready to be transitioning to an out of classroom position. i’ve decided to take steps to do that instead of taking the steps to get my professional level credential. There is absolutely no reason to spend 9 grand on a profession I will not be in for more then 4 more years. I was gonna get it as back up, just in case I don’t enjoy being a school psych…but then I realized, that if I don’t like being a school psych I am certainly not going back into teaching. I’ll just find something esle to do. I wonder if i should get that kind of stuff ready now. hmmmmmmm.


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