Dance Life


I had a mild breakthrough at work today: if my inbox is always full…it doesn’t quite matter if i don’t take work home every weekend, becuase really…its not gonna get any emptier. So I only grabbed a teeny bit to take home this weekend. But I did see the coolest thing—our hiphop dance group! It was started by the cheerleading coach..who is not a dance person, but is a great coach and resource for finding choreographers, motivating students to do their best. Its totally male student initiated, male student run, teaching each other, teaching the girls dance moves….fucking coolest shit I’ve seen in a long time. I’m gonna chaperone their trip to camp, along with the cheer coach, and the drill team choreographer. I’m seriously just tagging along and when it comes time to buy uniforms, i’m signing up for a fucking track jacket. I already marked the page in the silk screening company catalog. Oh i will have a motherfucking track jacket…its gonna kick ass.

I went to the gym with Amanda today, which was an effective way shed some of the tension from work. I need to destress this weekend, re-establish my boundaries, and use my time wisely, because I’m just being a cranky bitch with my students, and, in a wierd way, I am absolutely aware of the fact that they deserve better then that. I just need to cope. I found out why I wasn’t given my fucking bonus so far…my time sheet was misplaced. Oh, we found that shit though, and its been entered. I get my bonus, and hopefully 2-not 1- stipends on February 5th, which means I will secure, especially when I put money away to pay both my taxes and my rent in case there is a strike. A fucking strike.

I managed to catch a few minutes of J.Lo’s new show, DanceLife, on MTV. Damn, even when they film a reality series, it all just looks so “Laguna Beach” real—not gritty, dirty, “true life” real. I think i will enjoy this series very much. I don’t know what type of girly-girl that makes me, but i am more then sure that when it comes to interests, number one is dance, number two has to be music, and number three is movies with dance and music as their primary theme. fucking where is my copy of “Fame” on DVD? Oh, wait, I don’t have one. Fuck! I wonder if I can find that on Itunes?


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