when will i learn


that cheap margaritas that you can buy premixed in a large bottle are made with cheap tequila. and when you top that with cuervo….it just leaves you way messed up 2 red cups in. its like I’ve found a way to get drunk seriously efficiently (2 red cups), as well as a new way to wake up with a headache and the inability to go work out. fuck. when will i learn that when i drink, i only end up eating whatever i put in front of me (fucking get that onion dip away from me), or that when I try to cook food–sober–its gonna turn out bad. i have learned that everything tastes better with fucking sourcream.

anyway, went to play with esther last night. she had a lot of friends over who actual live in this neighborhood, so now i have new friends in the area. we rocked out at akbar, danced to semi okay music—i left the floor as soon as i heard “And you can dance…for inspiration…come on, come on, come on….I’m waiting” cuz i have principles. I will belt out a madonna ballad at top volume (in my head) because she is one of like four altos in the music industry that aren’t men…but i’ve never been able to get down to every dance song she’s put out…only a few. thank god that I have a memory that holds strong even through cuervo. i have a lot of new numbers that will be called possibly. though i do remembering tell a boy that he’d have to call me, cuz i wouldn’t call him. i’m just being honest. i already have to call back one guy, two would be a little many. kidding.

so i crawled into bed while a few of the rest of the gang headed to an afterparty on vine at the avalon, with the intention of partying until 7am. I just couldn’t hold myself up anymore. and i didn’t feel that spending 25 bucks…even if i had it…would be appropriate for an afterparty. Its hard to start paying for shit, when you’re used to getting into the afterparties for free. Sorry. Note to self: reel in the preteniousness (sp?). I totally did not say that last line out loud last night..technically this morning. I just asked politely if they’d drop me off on their way down sunset. i still had a great time. i really enjoy living around tehcorner from esther…and her bar.


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