i shit you not, as soon as i pushed publish on that entry i fell out in bed. I woke up for five minutes to chat with my mom on the phone–how could i not! I’m like obsessed with her right now. then I went right back to sleep. I didn’t wake up until about 4:30pm. WHAT! The first time I ate was the pretty big black been-chicken taco-apple salad I threw together with the chicken i managed to salvage from last night. My goodness…its a good thing I only consume bad tequilla on the weekends, and manage to always have good tequilla during the week–you know, when i have tequilla at all. i’ve been sucessfull in not drinking too much hard liquor or actually anything when I’ve gone out with my collegues for dinnfer after work. Being a bit broke has done wonders for my liver/empty calorie intake. i had a salad tonight because I didn’t want to waste the lettuce I bought maybe two weeks ago. i kept having my mom’s voice in the back of my mind about not wasting food…and the idea of cooking and eating anything heavier then meat thrown together with some vegetables i kinda want to get sick. I can’t believe that at one point this morning I was laying in bed, not wanting to move but wondering if i was gonna make to the gym. what is wrong with me? Oh! Its my favorite part of Dancelife…when the girl gets to do her solo dance alone in the dance studio. I wonder if they’ll feature a dancer at the end of each episode? oh MTV how you’ve managed to suck me back in without even showing one music video. Now i’m off to download J.Lo’s spanish album. hugs.
apparently J.Lo’s spanish album will not be released until february or april. i did manage to get some ice cream to meet that sugar need, some advil to aid these aches and pains, and some vanilla soymilk, because it will last longer then fucking 4…i mean, 3 days.

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