Lazy Sunday


I enjoy that in having made the decision to leave the bulk of my work at work, I can afford to: a)sleep well, b)have a tremendous headache, c)watch movies from my chair. I have a chair, like an old person. Tres cute. One day I am going to learn how to work the accents function on blogger. ANYWAY, I’ve eaten brunch (oatmeal with soy milk and toast–its a good thing i’ve never been a large milk fan because I don’t quite miss the taste), I’ve rewatched the tail end of Mad Hot Ballroom (see earlier post) and am also rewatching “In Her Shoes” ONDemand. I enjoy movies/books/tv shows about the dynamics of sisters and familes. Growing up I watched this show on NBC every Saturday night called “Sisters“. I watched it for several years until even I was able to realize that it had jumped the shark. I really like this movie. Its based on a book of the same name that I never read. Ithink I like watching portrayals of sisters that aren’t best friends because they seem to more realistic to my situation. In “In Her Shoes” the sisters are very different, and they’re not best of friends, but they wildly love each other even when their personalities have forced them apart because if they remained in close proximity…they’d kill each other. I love Toni Collete, and I can’t think of a cameron diaz movie I didn’t like–mostly because I can’t think of every cameron diaz movie she’s made. The two sisters are similar but different from my sister and I. Cameron Diaz’s character is youger,cute, skinny, but “stupid” and unemployed (Growing up Angel and I were always academically on par and have always worked; Cameron Diaz’s character can’t read). Toni Collette’s character is a lawyer-collegiate accolades- wears kick ass glasses, a nuerotic people pleasing-task doer, who falls for Mark Feuerstein’s character. I would fall for his character–he likes to eat and watch sports, pursues her because he finds Toni to be wildly sexy. its a well made movie. There is a scene where toni and cameron are in a diner after having been picked up by two men in a bar. The mood has turned sour and toni reminds cameron that she’s not always gonna look that way (young, perky, “sexy”) to which I respond (to no one imparticular) “honey, you don’t look that way now.” They’re in their 30’s with the lines and the moving foreheads that reminds us all that they’re in their 30’s…yet still incredibly sexy. that’s what makes getting older not so scary for me…i honestly believe that I’ll still be as cute, and just a little bit closer to financial/social security. I can totally dig it.


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