…was when all of my freshman were seated quietly working on a periodic assessment that is way above their reading level.

7:41 am was the time I arrived on campus. I called the main office from the parking lot and left a message for our assistant principal stating that I had arrived to campus, but was headed straight to my classroom since it was first period, and would sign in later.

7:18 am was when frantically ran to my car to avoid arriving at campus anytime after 7:35am.

7:13am I finally brushed my teeth, and found a way to get my bangs to stop sticking out straight.

7:10am I decided that the morning events warranted me wearing a sweatshirt and jeans to school on a tuesday.

7:08am I transfered a pot of the last of standing water from my bathroom sink into my toilet so that I would be able to wash my hands.

7:05am I stuffed a red toil along the base of my tub to catch the dripping water that was falling from the inches of fabric that clung to the metal door and draped down along the inside glass of my shower.

7:00am I used the red bath towel, that had been previously used to dry myself after my shower last night, to mop up the puddles standing water that covered parts of my bathroom floor.

6:55am I dumped all of my sundries and toiletries into a basket from my kitchen to transport them to a safe place away from the bathroom. I’d already stored the larger items in my laundry basket to avoid water damage.

6:45am I threw the pink bath mat into the tub and turned on the shower to rinse out the black grime that dirtied its prettiness! Its used to being rinsed out this way since having been the victim of a food poisoning incident earlier in the fall.

6:30am I thought either one of two things, or maybe both, “Are you fucking kidding me” or “I knew there was a reason I slept in this morning,” as i stood in my bathroom and saw my bathroom sink overflowing with dark water. The wate was no longer rising or moving, and it looked like grime (which would have been silt had i been standing on a beach watching the water recede) was stuck to parts of the counter and soap dish.

6:20am I knewe I would be late to school if I didn’t get up, but I couldn’t manage to climb out of bed. shut up Power!

4:05am I woke up with anxiety over the fact that I spent money on pizza and not on shit like, a prescription, last night. My consciousness splits into two as both sides argue with each other.

I hindsight I realize that it is very possible that it was at 4:05am that my bathroom sink started to fill and eventually overflow. I didn’t hear any sounds, but that’s just the way my luck works.


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