Oh, Sallie!


So i came home today, and my kitchen sinks were filled with black liquid. Myself and my upstairs neighbor were having problems with our sinks yesterday– i know this because I can actually hear like everything she does sometimes. Like, at night I’ll be standing in my kitchen and hear the “clickety, clickety, clack” of her typing. Its nutty. Anyway, I could hear her running her water, and then the black water in my sinks just continued to move grow…so i headed up stairs to try to get her to stop, and the plumber was there! Yea! what a stroke of luck….I’m so lucky that now he’s fixing my sink by doing what sounds like drillling through the pipes? I know, but whatever. its not like I can fix my own sink, and it does have to do with the garbage disposal, so possibly he’s removing a vent or something. My mom let me in on the secret that starches (rice, potatoes) are not to go down the garbage disposal—they gum up the works. Eek! I put a few potatoe slices–thin slices–down there last week, and i don’t eat rice, so I blame the upstairs neighbor.

So i’m writing this entry backwards, becuase really…that’s where we are today.

We’re still doing work to rule at work, so even though i was there until like 430..i wasn’t doing anywork. I was sitting there on teh phone with sallie mae, trying to move my money around so that it would be put in the correct accounts. I swear to you, that Sallie Mae has farmed out all of its billing and accounting work to India. Two reasons I know this: 1)Accents…I’ve talked to Sallie Mae folks like 1 billion times, so i’m recognizing an accent…and 2) they are really the nicest fucking people to ever work in billing and accounting. I would be polite, then she’d be polite, then i’d be polite, then she’d be polite, then i’d get snippy because they’re just having fucking difficulties over there at sallie mae, and she’d get a little firm, and then calm down, and then we’d both try to communicate what the other had said until we both came to the realization that instead of simply moving my money for like the 5th time to the correct account, because it was being placed everywhere then where it was supposed to be, sallie mae is processing me two checks that come to the amount of $4400, which I will deposit, then promptly return to them online. I’ve got a plan believe me. the money was applied to a private loan when it shouldn’t have been…the private loan is like $50 a month, while my consolidated loans are like $280…well, when i send them the $4400 it will put me ahead in loan payments, so that i’m not sending Sallie Mae roughly $330 a month. It cuts out an entire bill for roughly 15 months. if i ever get my money.

I did the running man in sixth period today. that’s right I danced in front of my kids. they were pretty much kickin ass, so they deserved it! First this kid came up with a really great thesis statement that just fucking rocked and really showed how much he’s grown as a writer in the years that i’ve had him as a student (and shows that scripted programs like language! are not always the answer) and then teh seniors who are going through CAHSEE bootcamp this week were like, “hey! we’re using the stuff we learned in class in our bootcamp!” which completely validated how much i rock. or am able to guage the needs of my kiddies. yea!

Had lunch with my friend Karla’s Friend Rhonda. Rhonda rocks. Karla has a group of friends who are the most open and welcoming people ever. Rhonda moevd down to San Diego a couple of months ago and was up for a visit. She even brought me a falafel meal (which i split with sam because i’d already eaten my sandwhich and apples). Super Sweet.

I do like this job alot this week, which is a good sign being that its monday. my planning is done for the week, being that its periodic assessment week. I feel like even though this semester is packed with testing that interrupts my class flow, i am still making progress if i’m getting these kids to pass their tests and meet their goals. that makes me happy.


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