you mean the cheerleader, right…


Fuck, I love this show. Dude, I really really love heroes. I wish that little fucking kid would come over to my houes and fix my sink. sinks. which are currently filled with rotten food, and black water. Not my rotten food or black water. The complexes rotten food and black water. The plumber was here for like 3 hours using a very loud machine that was snaking through the drain, and making like zero progress, bailing buckets of black water to flush down my toilet…and the second he left, was teh second the upstairs neighbor turned on her water, which caused my sink to overflow…with black water. black water that i had to transfer from the sink to the bucket and relieve the war zone that my kitchen has become. So, apparently fuckers in my building like to put grease down the drain. This apartment must have been empty for fucking ever. Needless to say, I ordered a pizza because I got hungry, and nauseated at the same time. all of my windows are open because at some point, the entire house filled with that rotten egg smell. A gas reader was walking by my apartment and wondered what the smell was, which gives me an incredible peace of mind because i’m sure he would have said something if it was a gas leak. but let me just say this…did i mention that there is black water in my bathroom sink as well. i’m gonna have to brush my teeth in the shower…will that be okay with a sonic care. can i just say that if i die in my sleep, or get electricuted in the shower, or am murdered because of my lack of spelling talent, then here is how my posessions should be divided:
b)books- corey
c)laptop- Karla
I don’t really own anymore shit. I think if you really want my clothes you can have them. I should be buried wearing both my disney land team grumpy jerseys. At least if i die tonight, i can know that i went out eating like a pregnant woman. argh.


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