agatha christie


I woke up this morning tired, but really not ready to go back to sleep. I woke up around 8 and laid in bed, sifting through the internet and attempting not to move at all. At around 10 i finally climbed out of bed and washed my days old dishes before heating up my last slice of left over pizza for breakfast. Pizza and ice cream. Can you tel what kind of day I was prepared to face. I slipped on my gym clothes, grabbed my purse, but not my gym bag- i wasn’t quite convinced that going to the gym was going to happen immediately, but more likely eventually. I was headed to the bank to deposit a check. I called my mom and learned that my step sister’s twins are still in the hospital and became increasingly irritated by the whole conversation- something about not wanting to go see them, Dee being sick, and my mom not feeling to well either. I walked into the bank and was beginning to fill out a deposit slip when i realized….i’d left the check on my coffee table. Fuck. I turned back around, parked in front of my apartment building, adn though my bank is only 15 minutes away, i climbed back into bed where I am sitting right now listening to an Agatha Christie BBC Radio show broadcast that I downloaded from Limewire. The best parts of my week are the times I take out to become enwrapped in a mystery. So, i’m just gonna sit here all day long. Until I am roused from bed by friends who want to see me, or whom i call in order to see them (i’ve already texted esther and rachel, so lets see what falls from the tree). I’m giving myself until like 4 to work something out before resigning to head back to the bank, and then to the store to buy lightbulbs and soymilk.

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