La Parrilla


Today was a good day. This whole week has been an alright week, so today was even better. This morning in the middle of first period there was a pounding on my door, and when I opened it there was my friend Jeri who gave me a present for being teacher of the month all the way back in January of 2006. Jeri has spearheaded the staff development fiestas (ie a wine tasting, a beer tasting), as well as our road trip to Santa Barbara for wine tasting the first weekend of March. Turns out the present was a $25 AMEX giftcard. And it couldn’t have come at a better time! It allowed me to go out to dinner at the best mexican restaurant in LA (La Parrilla [sp?] the beans were just right, the chunky salsa-not the pico de–was burning hot (think a 4620-er’s mom’s salsa, the maragritas were sweet, strong and $3.50!) and was able to go to Albertson’s and buy just enough food (black beans, granola bars, and apples) to keep me from fucking starving this week. I am just super appreciative because its the sweetest, most needed thing at this moment. Its shit like this that makes leaving my school hard…that, and the fact that no one gives me shit about wearing sweatshirts and sneaks through the week.

I worked out this afternoon also. There is this ass–i mean, not to judge, so I’m gonna take it back, its just that he’s so pretty and so quiet, and so criticized me about my religion in a very condescending and pompous, in a way that only fundamentalist people in the same faith group can be—i mean really, atheist have never been as condescending as this dude—ANYWAY, he’s really into working out and keeping in shape, so i asked his advice about what i can do to get better results from my work out routine to better increase the amount of fat being burned. When i tell him my work out routine (roughly 35-45 minutes of cardio, and like 15-20 minutes of weights and abs- i’m slow, and end up waiting around for space and machines, and then there is the wandering around trying to figure out how to use different machines–then i stretch) he looks at me and says, “wait, you spend an hour and a half at the gym 3 days a week?” Yes, motherfucker, I do! I was going to say, “well its not like I have something better to do…”but I didn’t, cuz that sounds pathetic. He gave me some advice that i’ll keep in mind…while i picture kicking him in the nuts.

I can’t remember what else i was going to say…except this: there is going to be a little person on Deal or NO Deal! LOVE IT!!!!!!


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  1. My daughter is addicted to Deal or No Deal.

    I say kick that ass guy in the ‘nads the next time he annoys you. I have a feeling that if you do, everyone around you will give you a standing ovation.

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